Yuvi’s novel is now available online and wherever neurotic books are sold.

Here is the semi-authorized trailer:

What Other Writers Are Saying

“Yuvi Zalkow writes like the secret love child of the smartest person you’ve ever met and the weirdo who lives down the block. In A Brilliant Novel in the Works, he mines the territory between heartbreak and hilarity with a voice so original it’s as if he made the territory up. His prose is wise and perceptive, generous and bold, funny and tender. The truest thing I can say about this ambitiously realized debut is: you must read this.”
Cheryl Strayed, author of WILD, TORCH, and TINY BEAUTIFUL THINGS

“If you buy just one book this year, consider resting this book on top of it. Yuvi Zalkow is a writer I’m going to watch from a safe distance.”

“Yuvi Zalkow brilliantly navigates the territory between your head and your heart, and down to your privates.”
Lidia Yuknavitch, author of CHRONOLOGY OF WATER and DORA: A HEADCASE

A Brilliant Novel in the Works punched my heart while massaging my brain. For this beautiful novel I am proud to stand up on a desk, anywhere, anytime, without pants.”
G. Xavier Robillard, author of CAPTAIN FREEDOM and DEADFELLAS

A Brilliant Novel in the Works is an extremely smart and beautiful book. It will mess with your mind, in a good way, and show you what’s inside your heart. All while making you laugh. Read it before your friends do… so you can say you discovered Yuvi Zalkow.”
Scott Sparling, author of WIRE TO WIRE

“Fuck writing a blurb – I just want to read this book all over again.”
Joanna Rose, author of LITTLE MISS STRANGE

This book was chosen as a Rumpus Book Club pick (July 2012).

Listen To An Excerpt

Listen to the beginning of the novel:

Or hear about Yuvi’s problems in the bedroom:

Or hear about Yuvi’s shameful fantasies from the fifth grade:

Reviews & Interviews

About The Novel

When Yuvi’s wife finds him in his underwear, standing on top of his desk, she isn’t terribly impressed with him and his writing habits.

But Yuvi worries. He has a wife who wants things he can’t give, an editor who wants a book he can’t deliver, a brother-in-law with a gut disease that he can’t fix, and dead parents who stubbornly remain dead.

As the structure of Yuvi’s novel falls apart, so does his life. His novel and his life blend together as he struggles to pull out of the mess. He revisits the fragments of his unreconciled past and his pantsless present, traveling from his suburban Jewish home in Atlanta to the North Carolina mountains of his father’s childhood, to several hospital waiting rooms, to the living room of a grieving Palestinian man.

Funny, shame-filled, and heartbreaking, A Brilliant Novel in the Works is the utterly original debut novel from Yuvi Zalkow.

Are You Still Here???

In that case, check out this video about the making of the book…

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