tctpod-season1-04: The podcast based on the book based on the movie (with Kate Maruyama)

In this podcast episode, I talk to Kate Maruyama. She is the author of the novel Harrowgate, which just came out in September and hit #3 on the Kindle horror bestseller list. Kate and I usually check-in using an ancient telephone contraption, but I tricked her into Skyping so I could record some of the cool things she says about the writing process. Two things we focus on: Kate’s background in screenwriting, and her keen editing abilities. Enjoy!

Show notes:

Video inspired by the conversation

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  1. says

    Dear Pandering Dumb-Ass (you have to listen to the end so this makes sense),

    I found this interview truly useful, really. Love Kate and love you. Hope you are both writing up a storm and Harrowgate is on my shelf. I read A Brilliant Novel in the Works last year. Hugs to all.

    • yuvi says

      Thanks so much, Devin. And by calling me a “pandering dumb-ass”, I know you really listened to this podcast all the way to the very end… :) Yay! Hope you’re doing well!

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