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Here’s a video about my attic, which is where I do most of my creative(ish) work. I hope you’ll agree with me (and not with my misguided wife!) that I have a real system to how I do things around here. I mean, it’s not so messy. Right? Right???

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I’m a Failed Writer

This is my (nearly) famous video series where I talk through my occasional writing insights and my many failures. Check out the Failed Writer page for a thumbnail view of all these videos. Or just click on a video below.

General Videos

Silly Videos

Here are some of my sillier videos. Check out the Silly Videos page for a thumbnail view of these videos. Or just click on a video below.

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The Creative Turn

A defunct series where I talked to some of my favorite writer friends about transitions in their creative lives. Here are the videos related to that series:

Check out The Creative Turn home page for information about audio conversations related to these videos.

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The Scribbling Bucket Videos

A short-lived video series where I talked (and scribbled) about anything I wanted.

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A Brilliant Novel in the Works Videos

Here are some videos about my book:

General Videos


Here are some of my more overt how-to videos:

And if you’re thinking, “To hell with your organizational techniques! Just show me all the damn videos in reverse chronological order!” Well, that’s okay too.

Good luck. You’ll need it.

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