I know the book has already been floating around online and in bookstores, but today is the official release of my debut novel: A BRILLIANT NOVEL IN THE WORKS.

For one, I’d like to share with you the announcement by video (aka: I can’t help being pantsless any chance I get).

So many people have been so immensely generous along the way. For now, I just want to reference a few people who have been kind enough to spend time with me on their blogs this week already (in chronological order):

  • There is Kristen Forbes, who is using her blog to talk about me all damn week. Which makes me both embarrassed and honored. You really have to check out her great blog in general. She talks about tremendous things there in the most honest way.
  • And there is the fabulous Laura Stanfill who interviewed me on Monday and has been super damn supportive (what? isn’t that a common phrase???) all along the way… as she builds a great community of writers on her blog.
  • And Jackie Shannon Hollis who has been a good friend since I was first knocked out by her stories many years ago.
  • And David Sparks, who has been doing fabulous books and podcasts and videos about using Apple products effectively (and is single-handedly responsible for most of my software expenses).
  • And Christi Krug, who always writes with a beautiful humility, and is able to connect humility to rain bonnets this week.
  • And the great Therese Walsh, co-founder of Writer Unboxed, who interviewed me this week.
  • There have already been some powerful fear & failure posts (e.g. Kristen, Jeremy Greenawalt, Erik Hess, Erin Feldman) but I’ll save that discussion for next week after everyone has had a chance to talk up fear and failure.
  • I know I’m missing a bunch of other support in so many places (SO MANY INCREDIBLY SUPPORTIVE words on Facebook and Twitter!)…

Thank you all for your generosity and support during this period. It is humbling. (I know I sort of sound like I’m going through some kind of tragedy here… but I don’t know how else to describe it tonight.)

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