video: Too Hip for the Room: George Carlin

So I’m still experimenting with different themes and styles and formats for my videos. Here is a posthumous interview with the great George Carlin. I’ve always wanted to know how he evolved into the great comedian that he became. So I asked him…

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  1. betsybetsy says

    whoa.   how’d you do this.  no, really.  i LOVE george carlin and wow! this is great.

  2. betsybetsy says

    i mean, i guess it’s from other interviews.  but it feels like magic!  or communicating with the dead!  i love it.

  3. Tova says

    Yuvi יובי … your videos leaves me with so much admiration of your creativity. You ARE brilliant, interesting, funny and inspiring. Can´t wait for the next one! Tova

  4. Ketzel says

    I knew nothing about you when I arrived at your website (read you were participating in the Jews Write &Read series) and couldnt imagine why I would want a million different ways to follow you (so I exaggerate) since I’d no idea what you did. Ended up choosing this video to find out. Holy shit, now I’m going to stalk!!!!

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