I’m A Failed Writer #3: Bucket Writing

So I’ve come up with this way of writing my novel amidst a chaotic life. I stupidly call it the “bucket writing method”. This way of writing has been great for me. Check out the video.

You can also watch it directly in Vimeo.

As I note in the video, this method is a bit more geared towards earlier drafts of a book (when you’re doing a reasonable amount of creation), but with a few adjustments I think you can also do later drafts in a buckety way…

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  1. says

    Two things: Impossibleness is going into Amy’s Bestest Non-words That Should Be Words Because There Are No Other Words Dictionary (currently seeking publication, or at least validation). Also, you can talk really fast. Way faster than any of your previous episodes. I could not decide if you were on a caffeine high, or it was a purposely constructed verbal metaphor for the process of flinging words into said bucket. Either way, it was highly entertaining. Although, I will not be writing in bed anytime soon. Even I have no idea what I’m talking about before Coffee #1.

    • yuvi says

      Hey Amy! Great to hear from you. I was experimenting with making a short and quick presentation to see how well it worked… Did it feel too fast or did it seem appropriate? Yes, I can understand the pre-caffeine writing is risky… maybe that’s why so much of my writing is about people being tired… :)

  2. says

    Hi Yuvi,
    Your bucket scheme helps me jump over that damned internal editor (part church from childhood, part Mother dearest, part good little bookworm Mary Beth) and just put the stuff in the buckets. Once it’s there, I have permission to organize it all, almost like somebody else wrote it. Good sleight-of-mind trick.

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