I’m A Failed Writer #6: Obsession x Voice

This is my video tribute to a great talk at SXSW in 2009 between John Gruber and Merlin Mann about obsession and voice. Here is how it has affected me as a neurotic novelist.

After you check out the video, you should read John Gruber’s preface to this talk here.

And if you didn’t already click through to the audio link via Gruber’s site, you can get to the audio file directly from Merlin’s blog here.

(For the full scoop, check out my blog post at Writer Unboxed.)

UPDATE (9/27/12): Merlin and Gruber both linked to this video from their blogs, which totally destroyed my whole “I only get 50 hits a day” statement, at least for the day. This is what happens when my piddly blog gets linked to by them:

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