Geek Talk: How I Make Failed Presentations

So I’ve finally put together a presentation describing how I make my presentations. It’s a pretty geeky little video that focuses on the tools that I use. I’ve honestly stumbled my way into this video-making process, so it is definitely flawed…

I know this is not the complete story, so please post a comment with any further questions or criticisms you have about all of this… I’d also love to hear any advice or suggestions.

Here are some links to the tools I discuss in the video:

Screencasting / Video Editing

  • ScreenFlow ($99) — buy this program! It kicks ass.


  • Blue Yeti Microphone ($100) — really great USB microphone; I’d also suggest a pop filter though I don’t have a great recommendation in this realm
  • WireTap Studio ($69) — nice audio recording and editing app
  • Levelator (donate) — tool that performs some magic to your audio so that it is leveled out


  • Bamboo Tablet ($50-$200) — I picked up a Bamboo tablet that they no longer make… but it is most similar to their cheapest one available today (Bamboo Connect)
  • Sketchbook Pro ($60) — very nicely done drawing app that works well with a tablet
  • Sketchbook Express (free) — free version of Sketchbook Pro; most features still available; great way to see if you like using this app


  • Toon Boom Studio ($250) — really powerful 2D animation tool
  • Pencil (donate) — this is a tool I used before picking up Toon Boom Studio
  • Stykz (donate) — this is another tool I used before picking up Toon Boom Studio

Other Useful Tools

  • iMovie (free) — great app from Apple for making movies without too much complicatednosity…
  • Keynote ($20) — great app from Apple for creating presentations…
  • OmniDazzle (free) — free app from the great Omni Group that lets you draw on the screen, among other things

Good luck!

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