Tyranny of The New Yorker

Here I tackle a burden that plagues many households every week. I’m talking about the burden of The New Yorker magazine. And the guilt associated with not reading them as thoroughly as you should.

NOTE: No New Yorkers were harmed in the making of this video.

So I’ve been totally swamped doing edits on my book this month. I apologize if I haven’t been responsive online because of it. At some point, I’ll tell the story of this process. But right now I’m still in the mess of it and there are only so many seconds that people want to hear a scrawny neurotic Jew crying I CAN’T DO IT! before it becomes tedious. An update will come soon though…

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  1. MSchechter says

    I fundamentally disagree with you. I think people love sharing scrawny neurotic jews crying I CAN”T DO IT! Or at least that’s how I rationalize my marriage.

    Great video as always. It’s funny the things we give up for the things we care about. Thinking about it a lot in light of this weeks Write For Your Life and Back to Work podcasts (as well as my own decision to quit Code Year). Eventually you get to a point where you realize that you’ve maxed yourself out being a husband, parent, employee, blogger, podcaster. Things like learning to code, reading a ton of books, seeing people I once called friends, they tend to have to go. Although I like the co-op idea… perhaps I can try that out on my friendships. I’m someone’s friend once every four weeks and there are others to take my place as I pursue other interests in the interim…

    • says

      @MSchechter Yeah. It seems like that is a theme I’m seeing a lot of lately: discussion of the sacrifices necessary to get the big stuff done. I think it’s okay to do more than one big thing… but ten big things is clearly too much. I honestly couldn’t even pull off a New Yorker every four weeks right now. Hopefully I’ll win the lottery soon though… which will be very surprising since I don’t buy lottery tickets. By the way, I’m seeing refs to your site all over the place lately. Great work!… http://bettermess.com/

  2. says

    Interesting idea. I too used to read it from cover to cover but fell victim to that monster that is family…. Isn’t it funny how that changes everything. My family hates to see me “alone” so they attempt to “help” by making conversation every chance they get no matter what I am doing. My 18 year old says that I look too intense when I am writing and he feels it is his duty to make sure I take a break. I love them but they are minions of the “Don’t-write” beast. I’m sure there is a conspiracy.

  3. wooster says

    Great video as always, Yuvi! I used to only read the comics in the New Yorker, and relied on my wife to read the actual “words” each week. Then I drank too much slivovitz one night and dreamed I was stuck in an elevator with Evelyn Wood. When I woke up I discovered I could read an entire New Yorker in less than 4 minutes, cover to cover. Unfortunately, my comprehension and retention are essentially zero, but at least now I have another really fun thing I can do in 4 minutes…

  4. says

    I have a similar love hate relationship with The Economist. Not enough time in the week. I’m down to the leaders and a few other bits and bobs, but I can’t bring myself to cancel it either.

  5. suzy_vitello says

    Sort of like a ZipCar idea, right? That is so fucking Portland, Yuvi! Love the idea, but the neurotic OCD person that I am would wonder if you washed your hands after taking that crap before the NewYorker comes my way. Just sayin!

    • says

       @suzy_vitello I’ll design the website so that you can specify the condition of the magazine:
      ( ) like new
      ( ) pretty good
      ( ) bent and torn
      ( ) a little crappy

  6. says

    That’s exactly how I feel about my blog feed. I cracked up at your idea that the issues feel left out. That’s why I feel bad about the blogs at the bottom of my feed – alphabetically – because I rarely get to them. So sad. The guilt.

  7. says

    Just came across the video via Writer Unboxed, I’ve got the same problem with the Times Lit Sup – I’ve let the subscription lapse, but have kept about a year’s worth of back issues. I keep them in a neat-looking box, so now their taunting is at least muffled.

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