video: Obsessing (with Elizabeth McCracken)

In this first episode, I (pretend to) talk with Elizabeth McCracken about the challenge of writing when you’re not obsessed with your project.

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  1. elizmccracken says

    @yuvizalkow Totally delighted, & laughing! It’s actually just what I needed today. (Although in real life I have never worn a catsuit.)

    • yuvizalkow says

      @elizmccracken so glad you liked it! I was honestly nervous. My drawing skills are weak. And bourbon didn’t improve things. Take care.

  2. sarahrcallender says

    Brilliant. Thank you for this reminder. 
    And for the record, you got me into a bit of trouble. I was telling my friends that they should read your book, and I said something like, “If you’re OK reading a book about a neurotic Jew.” Well. Apparently that offended someone, and so now I feel the need to go back to her and explain that I made that comment because it IS about a neurotic Jew. Even the author says so! Even the link on his website says, “Yuvi’s Neurotic Book.” :)
    I’m so glad you’re still making videos. I LOOOOVE Elizabeth McCracken. And she’s beautiful enough to probably not be offended by that huge honker you gave her.
    Happy obsessing!

    • says

      sarahrcallender Thank you Sarah! 
      I should’ve put a stamp on my book that states that everyone is approved to call the character a “neurotic Jew”. 
      As for Elizabeth McCracken… she actually saw the video and really liked it! I’m terribly relieved because my ghostly version of a person needs some work :)
      Hope you’re doing well!

  3. flowerpotsun says

    I went through something similar with my umpteenth revision recently, taking a few of the minor elements and drawing them out. Love this video and the reminder to keep infusing those obsessions with high octane. Thanks Yuvi.

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