video: The Failure of the Intended Story (with Thaisa Frank)

This video is based on my interview for The Rumpus with the fabulous Thaisa Frank. She said a lot of incredible things about the writing process during our conversation, but there was one particular thing about the “failure of the intended story” that really knocked me out. Let me know what you think…

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  1. sarahrcallender says

    It’s only 6:18 a.m. and I have received one email that made me cry and one (yours) that made me laugh out loud. Not a bad start to my day. 
    I love what Thaisa says about the failure of the intended story. I have been thinking about this idea quite a lot in terms of my own life: the failure of the intended human. I think that I am a better person because, at various points in my life, I have been broken down BUT then rebuilt in a way that was even better. Is this how all stories and lives should be built? Life and writing would be a whole lot easier if we knew where our stories were going from the starting line, but maybe, as you said Yuvi, that would make our stories feel two-dimensional and grey.
    I need some time to process what this means about (or says about) the act of storytelling, as well as the act of living, so I’ll sign off so I can do my processing in private. But thank you, Thaisa. Thank you, Yuvi.

    • says

      sarahrcallender Thanks for the fabulous feedback, Sarah! (And I’m glad that my email didn’t make you cry! Though sorry to hear about the other one.) Yes, I’m still processing this idea too, but I love that it feels both like a freeing and a terrifying idea to me.

  2. wordstogobuy says

    Yuvi!  Heeelarious.  Yes you are.  The thing is…and did I have a OMG moment when the whole thing about TITLES came up…for both books I’ve written (and now working on a 3rd) the title came first…before the story.  And I practically wrote the story organically because of….the title!  I thought I was the only nimrod who did such.

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