Serious Creative Writing with a Computer

Serious Creative Writing with a Computer: how to use the computer as a productive writing tool. This is an 11 minute presentation about how I use a Mac to get writing done…

You can also view the presentation directly in Vimeo.

[Sorry about the audio quality… It’s not great in this presentation…]

Here are the key applications focused on in this presentation:

If this subject interests you, check out these blogs:

And this podcast hits on some valuable, creativity-friendly workflows:

Links (and alternatives) to tools I claimed to use:

I know this only scrapes the surface, but it’s a start…

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    Even better than text-expansion tools like ActiveWords and Texter, is the program ‘TypingAid’ (single word) – it learns long, difficult words as you type and provides IDE like auto-completion as you start typing a word.

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    Thanks. That was an excellent presentation. Like you, I work on the Mac and I’m obsessive about my search for better tools for writing. I always return to Opal (an outliner, which I use as a data base for notes, including my to do list and calendar) and iText Express Pro. Unlike you, I want the text to look the way it will look when I print it out, 12 point courier font, double spaced, with header that includes page number. Itext Express Pro is very fast, very stable, simple to use and has a fabulous bookmarking system so I can always find where I am in my novel. Thanks again. — ernie


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