Writing a Novel When Busy

This is a 10 minute presentation about how I obsessively work on my novel just about anywhere… including in the bathroom stall of my day job. I also talk about using technology to keep writing. Let me know what you think.

You can also view the presentation directly in Vimeo.

Here are the applications I reference in this presentation:

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  1. says

    nice one yuvi! been doing pretty much the same, with very different tools for first book (i wish it was a novel) but now very similar for second (ditch the 11am tea break, write instead; remember wife but write in middle of night when wake with idea)
    thanks for a great video, will definitely be recommending to friends!
    warmest wishes, maki
    facebook: makiaea

  2. KBRDR says

    You’ve got that mouse running all over Notational Velocity. Put it down and use the _keyboard_!

    Don’t click the Clear button — just hit ESC.

    Don’t click on a note to select it — just hit the up/down keys.

    • yuvi says

      My goal with this presentation was to expose people to these tools without going too in-depth into all their features. I also think that illustrating how to use tools on a screencast with a mouse pointer is sometimes quicker to comprehend than using it in a keyboard-only mode. However, you’re right that if you’re going to use Notational Velocity in all its power, you definitely need to learn the keyboards shortcuts.

  3. says

    Hey Yuvi,
    awesome video. really like your style and simplicity. can i know the audio track you’re playing in the background of this video? brilliant piece…

    cheers and stay cool.

    • yuvi says

      Thanks for the kind feedback! I purchased the song from audiojungle.net. It is called Chaka Laka. I thought it seemed to strike the right mood for what I was trying to do. But be warned: the song will be running through your head for many days and nights after listening to it too many times.

  4. brax says

    Great video Yuvi! Thanks for the iPhone app suggestions. I’m already using Scrivener at your suggestion and was looking for a way of incorporating the iPhone into the creative process. Congrats on the Glimmer Train story!

  5. Catherine M says

    Loved watching it – made me laugh, which always helps me remember stuff.
    Images, telegraphic speech, light music, simplicity = aha!
    Thanks for this Yuvi


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